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Paid Media
for Franchises

The internet is becoming more and more localized, which is fantastic news for franchises like yours. The more local and targeted your message is, the better return on investment you’ll enjoy.

That’s why we encourage all franchises to look closely at paid media. Paid media, also known as search engine marketing, connects you with your local community no matter where they are in the purchase cycle.

Paid media = showing your community what you have to offer

An increasing number of shoppers turn to the web first before actually committing to a brick and mortar store. That’s because they want to make sure the store they visit has what they’re looking for, is open, and is trustworthy.

Let’s get down to specifics

That’s exactly why you need to invest in paid media. Cardinal’s paid media strategies help you get in front of your potential customers – whether they’re in research mode, comparison mode, or if they’re ready to buy.

We’ll use the latest PPC strategies to help you avoid wasting time and money reaching prospects who’ll likely never become customers. With pinpoint precision we can target your advertising by:

– Time of day
– Budget
– Geographic location (also known as geo-targeting)
– Demographics (age, occupation, etc.)
– Location of your ad on the search engine results page
– Websites where your ad occurs
– Negative targeting, allowing you to keep your ads from showing up for audiences that don’t convert

The paid campaigns we design will show your ads to only the most qualified prospects, saving you money by avoiding fruitless clicks.

At Cardinal, we thrive on the results we get for our clients. Be it Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or any other network, we have the passion, experience, and commitment to get your franchise in front of the right audiences.

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