Reputation Management

Reputation Management
for Franchises

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Reputation Management
for Franchises

While working with built-in brand recognition has its advantages, one of the drawbacks you might encounter has to do with reputation management. If your franchise is part of a well-known brand, then reputation management can get pretty complicated.

Every single day, some of the larger franchises in the country are being attacked by bad reviews or handed bad press – the type of coverage that could impact your location. Even managing your own franchise location’s reputation can get complicated.

What do you do? That’s where Cardinal comes in.

Working with your

When it comes to managing your brand, it’s important to work in conjunction with your franchisor, of course. But at the same time, if you’re dealing with a crisis, you want to make sure your business isn’t taking the brunt of the damage for something that you might not even be responsible for.

When it comes to franchise reputation management, the Cardinal team has the answer. Whether you’re dealing with an unsatisfied customer on social media, a flurry of negative reviews, incorrect information about your franchise or negative attacks from competitors, we’ve seen it all. We know how to work quickly and proactively to address and avoid the types of negative mentions that can cause irreparable harm.

Proactive Reputation

Part of our approach to reputation management is making sure your franchise is seen in the best of light whenever and wherever possible.

Whether you sponsor a sports team, open your location up for community gatherings, or donated to the local library, we’ll make sure the world wide web – and the community around you – is well aware.

Reactive Reputation

If you’re in business long enough, you’ll get a bad review. You can’t please everyone! It’s not always about avoiding the negative comments; it’s about how you respond.

The way we see it, every negative comment is an opportunity to grow your franchise. Here’s how:

We not only respond to negative reviews or press in a timely manner, but we do so publicly (when appropriate) so that the rest of your audience sees how important you view each and every customer.

We then use the negative feedback to see if there’s something going on in-house that needs to be addressed. Often times a customer complaint reveals a soft spot in your offering; we’ll identify it and come up with a game plan to make sure that problem never happens again.

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