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Search Engine Optimization
for Franchises

SEO is a challenge for any business owner. Ah, but for a franchise owner, challenge may seem like an understatement. There’s so much for a franchise owner to contend with. Competition with your brand name.

Duplicate content found on webpages required by your franchisee. The list goes on and on. SEO for a franchise requires a unique approach to optimization, something the Cardinal crew has mastered.

What makes you you?

As a franchise owner, you benefit from the instant recognition associated with your brand. That puts you at an advantage over competitors that customers might not even know exist. But it also threatens your sense of individuality. Sure, harnessing the power of your franchise brand is a given – why wouldn’t you do that?

But a key part of making sure you stand alone atop search engine results pages is focusing on what makes you you. At Cardinal, we make sure to focus on your franchise’s unique offering in the community. From keywords to content and social media, every strategy we put into place builds upon what your franchise can do for your customers.

Your website in
a whole new light

Understanding that as a franchise there’ll be limitations on what can be done with your website, we’ll make your website actually bring in customers. From behind the scenes tinkering (scoping out any technical issues that might hurt your ranking) to on-page optimization, we’ll make sure:

– Your website is easily found online
– Folks who find your website are your target audience
– When they find your site on a results page, they’re encouraged to click on
– When they get to your site, they convert, convert, convert

It sounds easy enough, but rebuilding a website within the confines of a franchise is tricky. Cardinal’s long history working with these types of business structures has helped us know how to walk this fine line with stunning confidence.

Stand out with the message you offer
It can’t be said enough: content is king. Want to outrank your competitors?


Want to reach a hyper-local target market?


Want to funnel your audience from research to convert?

Content. Content. Content.

The thing about content is these days it means more than a simple blog. Blogs are still an effective way to bring in traffic, but content also means videos, infographics, podcasts and more. We’ll help you craft the perfect content strategy – one where everything you produce and promote catches the attention of the people who truly matter: motivated prospects.

Never fear – your
reports are near

As a franchise owner you need to know everything that’s going on with your business. Are the marketing dollars you invested in X giving you a high enough ROI?

We get it, which is why we don’t hold back when it comes to transparency. Each month will give you the down-and-dirty data reports that focus on the analytics that actually matter. You’ll know how many people are visiting your site, where they’re coming from, where they’re going, and how long they lingered. This type of reporting doesn’t just give you peace of mind; it also gives us the 411 we need to keep delivering the results you expect.

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