How a leading Atlanta pest control company drive new leads through a website and SEO refresh

Atlantic’s Continued Efforts resulted in:


increase in organic website visits


increase in new website visits

Company Overview

North Fulton Pest Solutions has seen steady growth and expansion since its founding in 1970. As a family owned and operated company, North Fulton Pest Solutions is committed to top-tier customer services.

The company uses the latest technology and best practices to deliver superior pest control services, including mosquito and termite control and wildlife removal.


In a pest control market as large as Atlanta, competition for digital impressions is steep. After four decades serving Atlanta, North Fulton Pest Solutions needed to evolve with the new ways people seek out pest control services online.

The company engaged the Atlantic Digital Marketing team to provide a total website overhaul, including on-page and technical search engine optimization (SEO). Their objective was to establish a much stronger online lead generation pipeline by driving organic website traffic and, ultimately, new business.


Website optimizations for page speed and mobile

Fast, mobile-optimized web pages are essential to ranking well on search engines. That’s because consumers using search engines to find Atlanta pest control services expect to get the information they need quickly and on the go. To improve the website load speed times for North Fulton Pest Solutions, our team implemented a variety of website best practices, including image and code optimization, limiting resource-intensive HTTP requests, and reducing or eliminating redirects.

Website functionality and usability improvements

A standout website is about more than just technical optimizations and SEO. Our team updated the North Fulton Pest Solutions website to be both functional and usable, through a variety of website usability best practices.

This included building in search-friendly URLs, secure protocols, and ensuring that all of the company’s digital resources were properly indexed by Google.

Improvements to site structure and navigation now help visitors find content easier, which has led to noticeable improvements in both bounce rate and click through

Updated website content and regular blog posts

A full audit of all existing North Fulton Pest Solutions content revealed some opportunities for optimization, updates, and reorganization. This included finding and fixing broken links, interlinking existing content, and merging any duplicated or outdated content.

Our content team also helped North Fulton Pest Solutions regularly publish new blog posts on topics relevant to pest control consumers and professionals. To make sure this content was being seen (and impacting SEO), we engaged in link building activities, including submitting these blog posts to local directories, distributing press releases, and generating guest blog posts on other sites.



increase in organic website visits


increase in new website visits

In just a month after launching the updated website, content, and SEO strategies, the North Fulton Pest Solutions website was now ranking for high-competition keywords and driving organic traffic as a result. Organic website visits increased 100%, while total new visits increased 64%. The site increased rankings for 44 keywords in the same time period, climbing into the top three search results for handful of new, highly competitive keywords within the Atlanta pest control industry.

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