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Digital Marketing Matters in Healthcare 

Five percent of all searches on Google are related to health. More than 60 percent of prospective patients research a healthcare provider online before they ever try to schedule an appointment, and numbers can be even higher in certain medical fields. For example, 84 percent of patients research physical therapists before scheduling and 74 percent research optometrists.

If your healthcare operation does not have a healthy online presence, patients may never find you or even worse they may form a negative opinion about your practice before they ever speak to you on the phone or step into your office. A well-built digital marketing strategy for your healthcare practice could be the most important investment you make in your overall operation. 

Connecting with Patients Starts Online 

Digital marketing revolves around developing online visibility and driving traffic that results in new patient acquisition. If your practice is not actively engaged in digital marketing efforts, your digital presence may be more important than you think.

At Atlantic Marketing Company, we partner with you, whether you manage a dental practice, physician's office, nursing home, or other healthcare-related business. We use custom-tailored tools to not just put you in the online spotlight where you are easy for patients to find, but make sure the traffic we drive to your website is qualified and converts into new patients.

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Is Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan Keeping You Relevant?

Healthcare now experiences the same fierce competition online as other industries. If you are not giving prospective patients the information they expect online, the demand for your services will fall to competing practices in your area. We are committed to the growth and success of your practice. Our 15 years of results-driven strategies have fostered a 95% retention rate among our clients.

We hope to help you develop your healthcare digital marketing strategy, so you can make the biggest impact in your local healthcare market. Reach out to Atlantic Digital Marketing Company for a free consultation today.

The Core Components of Our Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Our digital marketing strategy pulls together the most important facets of building a sustainable, effective presence. Whether you are an optometrist looking to build your patient list or a chiropractor looking to revamp your community persona, we utilize our industry knowledge and marketing tools to help you achieve the goals you have in place. 

Website Design and Development

Your website serves as a critical entity for your healthcare operation. People will find out who you are, what you offer, and whether they want you overseeing their care just by visiting your website. From helping you create a website design that perfectly represents your practice to crafting articles with information your patients would be looking to find, we give you the edge necessary to transform site traffic into patients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you're not ranking on search engine results pages when a patient seeks services you offer online, that patient is most likely to select a different provider. From localized SEO targeting to integrating national SEO strategies, we utilize our industry insights to make sure your name as a service provider ranks high on searches, remains visible and garners you the web traffic necessary to grow your patient base.

Social Media Management

Social media offers a more personal way for you to build a connection with your current and prospective patients. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube, the use of the right platforms, in the best ways, will give your target audience the best impression of your healthcare operation and keep them engaged. We help you get established on these platforms, launch effective social media campaigns, and reach a wider audience.

Reputation Management

One negative review can deter as much as 1 in 5 customers, and in healthcare, those numbers tend to be even higher. However, online reputation management is not always easy for healthcare providers due to time constraints. By mitigating negative reviews, generating new reviews, and improving patient relations with digital tools, we help keep your reputation in check.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising provides a quick return on investment by driving leads almost immediately. We will build the most effective ad campaigns across Google and other relevant ad platforms so you can see real conversion rates and a meaningful difference in patient acquisition right early on. Each ad campaign we create for your healthcare business is designed to be cost-efficient and personally managed by a member of our team.

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