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Atlantic Marketing Company provides comprehensive digital marketing services throughout the Atlantic East Coast. We’re committed to working closely with each of our customers to ensure exceptional access to the most innovative strategies and tools available. Developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business that’s tailored to your target customers enables your company to get the best ROI possible.

Our dedicated team of professionals works across a wide range of industries. We provide services to large and smaller companies, creating opportunities for your digital marketing reach to expand. Using our data-driven custom-tailored strategies, you’ll see the results you desire. Consider a few of the industries we’ve worked with to help create outstanding results.

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From doctors to dentists and many others in the healthcare industry, competition can be fierce. Today, consumers head online long before they call a local healthcare provider. They need to know what that provider can offer. They want to know what type of services are provided, but also the type of reputation the company has. Our goal within our digital marketing industry is to ensure each person looking for the services you offer can find you, engage with your brand, and schedule an appointment. We work with a range of healthcare providers and specialists in virtually any industry. If you are providing healthcare services to others, allow us to ensure your online reputation and presence encourage people to connect with you for the care you need. Healthcare Digital Marketing





Holistic Providers

Home Service

When it comes to the home service industry, there are many reasons to invest in digital marketing. Many times, consumers do not need to use these services often – they may need a single repair or upgrade, for example. That’s why it is so important to have a modern and engaging strategy that allows people to quickly find you when they need to. We work with you to develop a custom strategy that’s based on best practices as well as our years of experience. Our goal is simple – create visibility for your company by attracting target customers. We work with a wide range of home service providers. For those in this industry, it is critical to have a strong digital marketing presence. If you do not have one, chances are good your competition is going to secure your next customer before you do. Let s fix that with a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Home Services Digital Marketing



Home Builders

HVAC Companies

Home Remodeling and Contractors

Landscaping Companies

Appliance Technicians

Home Service
Legal Industry

Legal Industry

For those working in the legal industry, having a well-designed digital marketing strategy is critical. It is what drives people with legal questions and needs right to your website. Local keyword strategies are important, but it is also essential to provide website visitors with quality information and content once they arrive. Our goal is to ensure anyone looking for legal information or support knows exactly where to find you. We work with a wide range of members of the legal industry. Law Firm Digital Marketing Services

Personal Injury attorneys

Family law attorneys

Defense lawyers

Business attorneys

Immigration attorneys

Small Business Industry

Small business is the heart of the community. While large companies typically have significant marketing and advertising budgets, small companies can outpace them and compete well with them if they have the right digital marketing strategy in place. Our goal for small business owners is to ensure that when a customer searches online for what you offer, your business shows up, giving them an alternative to the big retailers or other competitors. We work with most types of small businesses.


Restaurant owners

Tax professionals

Catering services

Cleaning services

Business consultants

Small Business Industry

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We partner with small businesses across the country. At the core, we are champions for small business, and we approach every potential partnership as a unique opportunity to create greater visibility online that drives business growth. We partner with companies from various industries, and that is only limited by the extent to which we believe our strategies will return the desired results.

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The promise we make to our partners is to always put their best interests first. Our role in the partnership is providing data, strategies, execution, and consultation that drives business growth.

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