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Companies from small to large to “enterprise” size are spending more and more money on Search Engine Optimization. According to a report issued by the marketing research company Borrell Associates, businesses will spend $80 billion on SEO services in the year 2020, up from the $72 billion they are expected to spend by the end of 2018.

That monetary figure emphasizes not only how important SEO is in this modern marketing climate, but also just how much competition businesses face with other companies in their field to reach that coveted 1 through 10 ranking position on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Businesses that simply need to be on page 1 of SERPs therefore must engage an SEO company that has the knowledge, experience and staff to be able to deliver top quality SEO.

The Five Needs of Enterprise SEO

  • Enterprise companies need enterprise websites – 1000s of pages rather than 10 or 20.
  • The Enterprise “online presence” and SEO campaigns require content that establishes “authority” and “influence”
  • Enterprise SEO must focus on top-quality content and links that provide value to readers
  • Enterprise SEO may incorporate every other type of SEO under a series of umbrella campaigns
  • Measurable results that can be reported to CEOs, CFOs and the rest of the C-suite if desired

New Search Technology and SEO

Companies, especially Enterprise companies, must move with the times. Just as they cannot be behind the curve in their own industry, so must their SEO agency be setting trends rather than following them.

Search technology evolves rapidly and SEO agencies must be “early adopters” rather than “Johnny-come-latelys.”

The key word in Search Engine Optimization is the word “search.”

Search technology is evolving rapidly, and there is nothing worse in that regard than your 1,000-page website that in five years will resemble a nostalgic Model T sitting up on blocks while your competitor’s sites are tearing down the highway in the equivalent of the latest supercar.

Let’s talk about the latest Search technologies.

According to a recent article in Search Engine Journal, the “future of search” will be:

Camera-based search for smart phones. Users will no longer have to type in a query. Instead, they point their phone’s camera at an item they want to know about – a restaurant’s menu, an animal they see while on a walk, clothing in a store window, and the appropriate visual app will immediately return search results based on the image. The leader in this technology at the moment is Google Lens.

Speech recognition technology. Your potential customer or client will no longer have to type a search query via their keyboard, but rather simply ask a question and see the search engine results return instantaneously.

The technologies in use today are Google Home and Amazon Echo, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. As speech recognition technology improves – as it will – enterprise businesses must be ready with websites that are compatible with that technology

Vertical search.   The term “vertical” refers to an industry. Vertical search engines include those for travel such as Skyscanner (airline flights, hotels and rental cars), Trulia (real estate) and Amazon (products such as books, DVDs, electronics and groceries).

Each of these new Search technologies can be optimized for now, so that your site will be ready for the future when their use is more widespread.

How can I find out what my site needs to make it successful?

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Enterprise SEO Should No Longer Be “After the Fact” SEO

In the past – the rapidly receding past – a company would build a website, and then hire an SEO company to start doing a few SEO campaigns to get their site to the first page of the search engines.

In today’s climate, the more far-seeing Enterprise companies know the value of teaming up with an SEO agency much more closely. Their SEO representative should be present at all marketing meetings to collaborate with the marketing staff on how to leverage SEO from the very beginning of any product or service launch.

  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and so on
  • Advertising videos on a variety of platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube, with SEO-ed text
  • Press releases
  • Articles on the debut of a new product or service in all the leading online and print journals
  • Website pages
  • Conversations on appropriate platforms such as influencer blogs

Enterprise Companies and their SEO Budget

Enterprise companies have the wherewithal to launch comprehensive SEO campaigns across a wide variety of media – but unless that campaign is properly designed and targeted to the company’s ideal customer or client base, it will fizzle and die and thousands of dollars will be wasted.

No company is “too big to fail” when it comes to competing with other enterprise companies in the same business sector.

Enterprise companies have a lot riding on the line when it comes to their marketing and SEO campaigns.  Entities seeking a new SEO agency must bear in mind that only those agencies with a proven track record of innovative services should be considered.

The Atlantic Marketing Company

And that’s where we come in. Our SEO teams have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you build the brand your Enterprise company needs.

Not all SEO companies are created equal – some are still conventional with the techniques that worked just fine a few years ago but are now stagnant.

Google, the largest search engine on the planet, tweaks its search algorithm almost on a daily basis to deliver the best end-result for its users – and other search engines follow their lead. The Atlantic Digital Marketing Company keeps abreast of what Google and its competitors do in regard to Search and Search technology, and incorporate that knowledge into our SEO campaigns.

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