Apple vs. Everyone Else – It gets ugly around here

There is nothing like a good natured debate, unless of course it involves Apple and Android devices, their operating systems, or any peripheral even remotely related to one of these two camps. All too often, these good natured debates spiral out of control until both sides have their hackles raised and canine incisors showing like sparring wolves.

To preserve my safety, I will refrain from exposing my leaning in this debate, and simply say that products from both companies have their strengths. Both offer cutting edge devices with capabilities that my father believes to be some sort of “magic” rather than technology.

On the one hand, Android devices offer access to a great range of products and services from a vast market of manufacturers. Choices range from various user interfaces (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc…), to chargers, bluetooth devices, software, music, apps, and more. Yes the iPad offers these things, but once you are in the Apple club, it can feel as though you have committed your life, and your life savings, to Apple products, and that does not exactly foster a competitive capitalist market. The upside to this for Apple enthusiasts is that their offerings do blend together very well across devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and the list goes on.

While Android may offer more freedom, the market here is perhaps muddied to the opposite extreme. By that I mean that the Android operating system is arguably as strong as iOS, though not all of the devices that carry it are exactly up to snuff. Even the big name manufacturers with the strongest entries into the market, like Samsung and Motorola, offer lower end devices that often do not live out the initial warranty period. These devices do offer access to the technology at a much lower price point, but if the device is constructed with the quality of a disposable camera (do they still make those?), then the consumer will likely end up spending the same or more as one of the better built devices in the long run.

The higher end Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and many smartphones from the same manufacturer offer extremely fast processors, huge upgradeable storage, and removable batteries, all areas where Apple devices often fall short.

The iPad is extremely user-friendly, which is a big selling point for the technologically-challenged. My mother, whom could not after a full year adequately use her Kindle Fire, seems to be able to operate her iPad 3 as if she were operating the record player she has had for forty years. It is not that Android devices are not user-friendly, but at present, Apple certainly has a leg up here.

I feel certain we all can agree that we are living in an amazing time where technology for our own personal/mobile use continues to grow in mind blowing ways year after year. So it does not really matter which side of the debate you are on, as long as you keep it to yourself.

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