Content Marketing vs. Clever Advertising

Throughout the past few years advertising has really stepped up it’s game. Engagement has reached an all time high and we will only continue to see the creativity the advertising and content marketing world has to offer. Although all of the examples below are impeccably creative and clever there are only a few that can qualify as true content marketing.

Content Marketing Qualifiers consist of:

1. Focus on attracting/retaining target audience segments+
2. Sharing compelling, useful, and/or entertaining content
3. Consistent delivery – not a one-time campaign initiative
4. Subscription options for customers/prospects for ongoing conversations
5. Goals revolve around guiding buyers through the purchase process to loyalty

Content is not focused on products/services – instead it is focused on information that addresses audience pain points. It helps audiences accomplish a desired task.

Let’s explore some recent campaigns to identify if they reach beyond creativity and cleverness to the world of content marketing.

AMEX Open Forum = Content Marketing 

American Express built a platform that allows consumers and industry experts to connect for financial advising, conversations, entertaining content, informational articles and much more.

The site provides a great user experience and publishes great content everyday. It is also the largest source of inbound leads for small business card division.

Geico’s “So Easy a Caveman Can Do It;” = Clever Advertising

This could be content marketing if they had continued the campaign in some fashion, but it ran for a certain amount of time and then was discontinued.

The Geico Gecko however is an example of content marketing because he is a consistent character that target audiences associate with the brand and connect within each campaign strategy.

Clorox: Dr. Laundry’s Blog = Content Marketing

One of the scientists at Clorox acts as a “Dear Abby” for stain removal tips. She helps people by answering questions about the best ways to get out specific stains, even if the solution isn’t tied to a Clorox product.

Clorox consistently publishes fresh content that is solely meant to address pain points and educate the audience.

Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry:” = Clever Advertising and Content Marketing¬†

This is labeled as both because the idea for the overall campaign is focused on adaptive content/content marketing, but each tactic used within the campaign (Ex: misspelled words paid campaign) is clever advertising.

Oreo 100 Days Campaign = Clever Advertising

This campaign does not qualify as content marketing due to the conclusion of the campaign. Also, Oreo’s Dark Ad campaign during the Superbowl blackout qualifies for really clever advertising but also came to an end.

How are your campaigns doing? Are you using content marketing or clever advertising? Do you have other great examples to share?

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