Going Dark on Facebook is Not a Bad Idea

Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm to level the playing field for online advertisers.

Previously, Facebook and other social media outlets were used for free advertising. The tactic was simple: like our page, receive our offers and view terribly planned posts that are irrelevant to the reason why you liked the page in the first place.

The newest Facebook algorithm is a potential nightmare for businesses unaware of the site’s social purposes. If you do not play by Facebook’s rules, your customers will never see your content. Lost are the days to generate “Likes” and “Comments.” Now, we are all paying to drive customers to content that is relevant to their daily lives.

As marketers, our goal is to engage with customers, listen to their needs and respond appropriately — all for the purposes of driving sales.

Breaking through the barrier is challenging, especially now that Facebook is further limiting how often business pages are viewed within user newsfeeds. We are no longer working with a free source of advertisement. In order to appear in front of your customers, you should utilize Facebook Unpublished Page Posts: the real bread and butter of social advertising.

Taking A Closer Look At Unpublished Facebook Ads

A dark ad, also called an unpublished post, is an ad that looks just like a normal newsfeed post, but does not appear on your brand’s timeline. The benefit of running unpublished posts or dark ads is that they are proven to deliver an, “ROI of 53 percent over a seven day period.”  Because organic posts are not as attainable as they once were, dark ads are the best alternative for getting your brand in front of potential customers.

The process is simple, but it needs to be supported with relevant content. The beauty of dark ads is that there are no significant identifiers that reveal their ad-like identity. The purpose is to blend in like a friend, but stand out to elicit a response.

The steps are simple when creating an Unpublished Post:

1. Select Power Editor

2. Create a New Campaign

3. Select Manage Pages (upper left hand corner)

4. Create Unpublished Post using predetermined information relevant to your ad campaign

5.  Promote Unpublished Post

Your unpublished posts will not appear in your newsfeed, but it will appear in your followers’ newsfeeds as a published post. The only true identifier is each Unpublished Post is tagged as “Sponsored,” so fans are aware that the content is paid for by a business.

Facebook Unpublished Posts are affordable. If implemented properly, they have the ability to increase your ROI by more than 50 percent.

Contact Atlantic Digital Marketing Company so that we can help you plan and implement a new social strategy  to help you increase your ROI today.

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