Game of Thrones: The Quest for the Silicon Throne

As season three of our favorite show, Game of Thrones, comes to an end, we were wondering what it would be like if the search engines were in an episode fighting for the Silicon Throne. Here’s what the dynamics of the realm would look like…

House Google (Lannister): Descending from southern California in 1998, Google is the Richest and most powerful House in the Realm. Their lands extend far across California and even overseas. In years past Lord Larry Page of House Google has defeated Lord Bill Gates of House Bing becoming the king of the Realm, however House Bing is making their way back to the capitol to take back the Silicon throne. House Google has most recently formed an alliance with Lord Youtube to dominate forces online.

Key Players: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt


House Bing (Targaryen): ¬†Known as one of the former Great Houses to rule the seven kingdoms, before House Google took the Silicon throne, House Bing has been making a comeback as a main competitor for the throne. ¬†House Bing gained its power from Lord Microsoft and has an increasingly close alliance with Yahoo. House Bing is located across the Narrow Sea in San Diego (Dothraki for “A Whale’s Vagina”).

Key Players: Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer


House Yahoo (Stark): As one of the oldest and well known of all the Houses, House Yahoo currently reigns in the North and is known as the pioneers of the realm. House Yahoo is currently in a losing battle with House Google and House Bing for the Silicon Throne. Their outdated tactics have made the realm very weary of them.

Key Players: Marissa Mayer, Jerry Yang, David Filo


House AOL (White Walkers): Also known as the Others, House AOL has been around for centuries. As everyone feared, they are rapidly making a comeback in the Seven Kingdoms. House AOL has recently threatened the realm with strategic alliances with key competitors.

Key Players: Tim Armstrong


In a realm of online uncertainty only one thing is true… Winter is Coming.


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