Great Partners: The Key to Great Success

Great partners lead to great success for everyone involved.

In a recent routine stop in to for an oil change, I was reminded of why I have continued to patronize the Express Oil Change and Service Center at the Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA. The customer experience here is unmatched. The management and staff have changed over the years, (Hoping Jesse is having great success at the Alpharetta location now), but the level of service remains exceptional.

The staff always greets you and your vehicle in seconds, and are genuinely friendly and welcoming. They make recommendations on services your vehicle may need, but never make you feel pressured to purchase these services. Being the inquisitive type, I always have follow up questions, and they are always happy to explain everything in detail. It is not the least expensive oil change in town, but it is competitive, and worth every penny.

So you may be thinking that this belongs in a Google Review, and not an article, and you would be right up to this juncture. I do have a point here, and I will get to it now.

When I have a customer experience as I described above, I am reminded of how great it is to partner with companies that work so hard to serve their customers, employees, and grow their business. Obtaining great results for our clients means a great deal to us. It is why our company exists, and it drives each and every member of our agency staff.

A business that serves their customers like Express Oil Change not only creates partnerships with their customers, but the subsequent business growth creates more employment opportunities in the community and advancement opportunities for the great people that work at their Express Oil locations.

The ripple effect created by great people providing great service and a great experience to customers is immeasurable in the way it positively affects the community around it. From the employees and their families, to the customers that drive away feeling like they have gotten what they paid for every time.

These are the businesses with which we truly want to form partnerships. Seeing past and present partners like this grow in the community with new locations and offerings gives added meaning to the work that all of us on the team have chosen to pursue via countless early mornings, late nights, and weekends.

Developing open, transparent client-partnerships is what we set out to do every day. If a client is not a good fit, we are not afraid to say so. Bill Sebald recently published an article about this very aspect of great service/results, and I could not agree more. To ensure success, we work to understand each client’s business and goals so that we may develop a clear and effective strategy to reach those goals.

This approach often involves a great deal of discovery at the outset, but it is worth everyone’s time in the short term to avoid wasting everyone’s time in the long term. We are not the right agency fit for every business, and we owe it to potential partners to examine each potential partnership carefully and develop a plan that will deliver results.

As for Express Oil Change and Service Center, you have a customer for life, and we are proud to have been a part of your continued success.

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