SEO Makes the Phone Ring for Local Service Businesses

It is no secret that consumers rely on a Google search to find the businesses in their area that fill their needs. Whether you are offering home services, automotive, legal, or medical, search engine optimization picks up where the yellow pages left off.

Local small businesses have as much, if not more, to gain from SEO and Content Marketing as any major corporation. The key is to find an agency that offers solutions that can be tailored to your specific goals and budget.

Would you Spend $5K in order to make $10K?

If your SEO campaign is effective, cost is not a concern, because the returns you will realize will far exceed the expense. By partnering with a reputable agency with an in-house SEO team of experts; you are getting real people in your area that understand what it takes to make an SEO campaign a success.


There are TONS of one-size fits all SEO offerings out there, but in reality these services are providing the same strategy to each and every campaign. Doctors and Attorneys have considerably different businesses that require individual strategies for both the services being offered, and the goals and targets of the individual practice.

Spend a little more, make a lot more

Home service companies rely heavily on new leads. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, painter, or roofer, you need calls. SEO campaigns ensure that consumers see you first, which gives you the best opportunity to create a customer for life.

From Nowhere to the Top!

Beginning in late July of 2013, we launched an SEO campaign for The Painting Penguin, an Atlanta Painting Contractor. This is a new painting company in the Atlanta area, so we were starting from scratch.

Organic visits to the site are up 45% in the second half of the first 6 months vs. the first 3 months. Search referrals (people finding the site from a Google search) are up a staggering 133%. All of these searches and visits translate into phone calls and contact form requests for an estimate.

If this company had paid a lead generation service per lead last month, they would have spent nearly 10x as much for the same exposure.

If you own or operate a service based business, find a legitimate agency that is willing to meet with you face to face to build a campaign around your unique business. Expect in-depth reporting on results. By putting it in the budget this year, you will have a much larger budget the next.


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