FAQ: What makes Atlantic Different?

As a marketing consultant for Atlantic Marketing Company, I meet with a diverse number of people and companies. One question that I get asked just about every day is “What makes Atlantic different from other internet marketing companies?” To me this question is somewhat amusing because there are so many answers to this question. I could go on about Atlantic Marketing Company for hours, but my top answers are usually:


This is one aspect of the business that we do not take lightly. We are able to be completely transparent in everything we do because not only are we proud of the work we are doing, but our marketing solutions are custom tailored to ensure success for each client. Whether we are optimizing a website or implementing an Adwords account, reporting and accountability is always a guaranteed.


This one word exemplifies the core of Atlantic’s work. We are able to provide the highest quality work because our team is comprised of talented people that excel in their fields. Whether it is design, writing or managing campaigns, the right people translates into higher quality of work and better results.

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