Digital Marketing & Cybersecurity

Digital Marketing & Cybersecurity

What is the most valuable asset of your company, the one you need to protect above all else? You might think that the answer to this question varies by company or industry, but it doesn’t. Your most valuable asset is your customers’ personal information.

How can digital marketing help protect your customer?

  1. Reputation management
  2. Secure your website

Reputation Management

Monitoring reputation digital is about more than sentiment and reviews. Using social listening can monitor for cybercriminals stealing your content and posing as your business in a lookalike account. Cybercriminals use these social accounts to lead your current and potential customers to websites that contain malware, gather their data in messages or comments or otherwise compromise your customer data, all while posing as your company. Therefore, protecting your social content protects your customer data and your reputation.

There’s an SEO factor to reputation management, as well. Search engines have improved over the years at pushing down nefarious websites that pretend to be legitimate. However, the risk of stolen content used on a domain that looks similar to your own is still a risk. Keeping an eye on sites that begin ranking for your brand keywords can help find and remove the stolen duplicate content with a DMCA request. Set up Google alerts for your brand name and content, search using Copyscape to find plagiarized content, and use Google Search Console to submit takedown requests when you find duplicate content.

Secure Your Website

There are multiple ways to secure your domain. The first and most important way is to keep your site updated. The easiest way for your site to be compromised is when there is a known security flaw in your CMS. As soon as updates are released, install them. Include any plugins used on the site in the updates. Once a patch is released, the vulnerability it fixes is widely known, and cybercriminals take advantage of those sites that do not promptly update. Depending on the security flaw, infect your customers’ computers with malware, stealing sensitive information entered on the site to take over your entire site, causing downtime where your customers can’t reach you.

There’s one other important aspect to securing your domain. Regularly search for lookalike sites where the hostname is nearly identical to your company’s with either common typos or foreign characters that look indistinguishable from the actual characters. There are two main dangers from lookalike sites:

  • These sites can be used to gather customer data and for financial gain by pretending to legitimately sell your products or providing the same services your company does, using content stolen from your site.
  • The second is through email phishing using the lookalike domain email address. With a lookalike domain email server, phishing emails are sent to your customers or your employees, putting both at risk for data loss. Since the domain looks like your own, it can be mistaken for a legitimate email, making the phishing more likely to succeed. Phishing email content can vary, but the end goal for each is the same: to gain access to customer or financial data, compromise systems through ransomware or other types of malware, or otherwise damage your reputation or systems for financial or personal gain by the cybercriminals.

There are many aspects of cybersecurity to use in your day-to-day life as a digital marketer. Everything from password management to restricting access to sensitive data impacts your ability to keep your customers safe. Reputation management and securing your website are just two tools to help secure your reputation and data.

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Why Digital Marketing Cannot Be Overlooked

Most businesses aim to emphasize their expertise, though how this is communicated online is critical to success. There are thousands of businesses operating without the marketing expertise they need to help their companies succeed. It is why so many businesses struggle and are not as successful as they could be.

Marketing is often either taken for granted or overlooked. Even when it works well, the marketing activities themselves are often not given adequate attribution due to a lack of data and it is often subject to a reduction in budget. Understanding the purpose and goals of each digital campaign and accurately measuring the impact is critical to the success of every business.

Here are just a few of the reasons your marketing, and specifically, your digital marketing deserves your attention. 

Market Share Does Not Remain Stagnant

Even if you are seeing success now, that is no guarantee it will remain that way. Every day, your business either gains market share or loses market share. The forces of competition, changes in consumer behavior, and changes in online marketing platforms could quickly be working against you if your strategy is not constantly evolving. The status quo often results in movement in the wrong direction.

Are you gaining market share at a satisfactory rate?

Momentum Is a Force

If you are not paying attention to marketing, you risk losing forward momentum. Once marketing campaigns have been established and results are achieved, there is a process of continual improvement based on accurate data that is required to maintain your edge. There is no such thing as a successful “set it and forget it” strategy. Commit to building momentum over the long term and become unstoppable. 

Digital Marketing is Accountable

If you tend to ignore your marketing because you are not sure how to measure it, you may be about to have your world rocked. Digital marketing is not only measurable and accountable, it provides an exceptional ROI. A solid plan should provide measurable results and a winning return on investment. 

Consumers Are Performing Due Diligence Online

Before a consumer even contacts you, he or she may have already researched your product, services, company history and checked online reviews. What are they seeing, and what are they learning? What is your website or social meeting telling them? Is your message consistent and believable? Are you received as an expert in your industry? A comprehensive digital marketing plan is vital in presenting your brand as you want it to be perceived. What are the misperceptions about your business? Digital marketing can help you correct them. 

Ignoring Marketing Can Make Matters Worse

Like your health or financial situation, ignoring issues rarely results in a positive outcome. The same is true with your digital marketing. Marketing should be an ongoing, consistent and persistent effort. It is why many businesses find professional assistance so valuable. Few business owners are equipped to be their own marketing directors. In many cases, we are augmenting the efforts of the marketing business owner or a single internal employee with an entire experienced team at a fraction of the cost to hire an internal marketing staff. We offer digital marketing services and consulting to businesses across the United States. 

Don’t Allow Someone Else To Tell Your Story 

In the case of your competitors, it will not likely be a pleasant message. Controlling your marketing allows you to funnel potential customers to you and your message. You decide what you want that message to be and how you want to represent your business online. With our expertise, you can improve and maintain your brand reputation online.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

The odds are you didn’t create the sign outside your business. You may not file your own business taxes or do payroll. The reason is some professional services pay for themselves and allow you to focus on what you do best. What could be more valuable than a service that is designed to bring customers to you?

That is what we do at Atlantic Digital Marketing Company. We provide a range of valuable, creative digital marketing strategies and tactics that are designed to drive leads for companies just like yours. Our services are accountable and measurable.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your marketing. Make the decision to become proactive and take control. Contact Atlantic Digital Marketing Company to discuss your company and your goals. Let’s work together in creating marketing strategies that drive results.

Are you ready to give your marketing efforts the attention it deserves and move your business forward? Let’s talk and set some exciting, actionable goals for your business. 


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Why You Need Integrated Marketing Campaigns

While figuring out how to best advertise your products and services, you undoubtedly feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. Your marketing channels may look disjointed as a result, leaving your brand without a clear focus and voice. As your flurry of campaigns fail to hit the mark, it becomes clear that you need to bring it all together to improve your results. Thankfully, you can do just that with integrated marketing. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing coordinates all of your channels and campaigns to deliver the best possible results as a combined effort. Through all your campaigns, we create consistency in messaging and imagery, right down to your fonts and color scheme as well as leveraging different channels to fill any gaps in online visibility and lead generation.

This creates a unified approach that better resonates with your target audience and quickly draws interest to your brand. Through every touchpoint, your potential and existing customers know what to expect from your company and look forward to hearing more about your products and services.

Ideal Integrated Marketing Campaign Strategy

With integrated marketing at the forefront of your advertising program, you use the same slogans and messaging while changing up the content. Your business purpose and mission doesn’t change with each campaign, just how you tell your story.

With that in mind, every integrated marketing campaign strategy starts with looking at your customer’s pain points, needs, and preferences. Beyond that, you need to use your brand values to generate ideas that align with the personality and voice of your company. Then, we leverage ads on the platforms used most by your target audience to meet them where they are most often.

Key Benefits for Your Business

Here are just a few of the benefits when you put integrated marketing to work for your business.

Reach Your Target Audience

Through integrated marketing, you gain a better idea of what your customers want from your brand and how to deliver it directly to them. You can use each channel to your advantage to meet them where they spend time online and deliver timely brand messages on a regular basis. Beyond that, you can act as a key player in resolving their pain points as you present your products and services as ideal solutions.

Leave a Great Impression

As your campaigns reach your target audience in their preferred online space and deliver solutions to their daily challenges, your brand makes a great impression. Your target audience can start to view your company as an asset on their consumer journey. Each time they start the buyer’s journey, they will eventually learn to look to your brand first for the info and solutions they need.

Get Fantastic Results

Your marketing effectiveness will undoubtedly increase by leaps and bounds as you integrate your campaigns. Your brand messaging will stay on point and lead people intuitively to a buying decision. With that, you can enjoy higher conversion rates while putting much less effort into developing disparate marketing strategies.

Save More Money on Marketing

Integrated marketing allows you to promote brand loyalty and increase conversion rates without spending a ton of money on each lead. In fact, this approach has the lowest cost per lead once you have a custom strategy working overtime for your brand.

With integrated marketing campaigns on your side, you can enjoy better results with every campaign and feel certain about the results through integrated campaign data as your strategy boosts the success of your business.

How to Get Started with Integrated Marketing

If you’re ready to tap into the power of integrated marketing, partner with our team at Atlantic Digital Marketing Company. We offer all the marketing services you need to reach your target audience and get them excited about your brand. All you have to do to get started is fill out our online form to request a free consultation appointment and marketing audit. We’re excited to get started!