How Our Atlanta SEO Company Does Link Building for Our Clients

Do you need help with link building? Our Atlanta SEO link building solutions can help you simplify the entire process step by step.

Links are one of the most important ranking factors that Google considers. As such, you have to be deliberate and strategic about it.

In fact, in a research by Brian Dean, it found that the number of backlinks to web pages perfectly correlated to their position on Google search results page.

But due to the competition today, link building has become a difficult task. It can be draining since, in most cases, you need to produce high-quality content, connect with other bloggers, work long hours every day, and also ensure that the links are really well thought out.

That’s why we help businesses like yours to build links while you focus on improving your products and services. Our Atlanta company ensures that your business gets the most trusted links that will catapult it to the top of the search engines.

How do we achieve that?

Gauge and pursue links from high-quality websites

To build links, you need to know what your current link profile looks like. This is one of the first things we consider when we start working on your business website.

How many backlinks do you have presently?

What posts are ranking on the second page of Google search but could get to the first page with more backlinks? We analyze the pillar content you have published already.

Pillar content is the most important content you can have on your website. Why, because these are the pages that generate links naturally. And they’re a lot easier to rank high on Google. We work on building links to these pages first to rank your website with Search Engine Optimization, as they have bigger effects on your website and business in general.

Make sure you have great content

Traditional advertising is expensive. The U.S. Advertising and Forecasts for Major Media predicts that in 2019, about $210.5 billion will be spent on TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspaper, Internet, Outdoor, and Cinema.

With all the exciting revolution that the internet has brought, businesses are still neglecting. Only 8.2% of this projected budget will be spent on internet marketing.
Though, this is disheartening but it’s good news for your business. Because now you can take advantage of the fact that big brands haven’t realized the power behind the web. So how do you start acquiring customers online?

It begins with high-quality and valuable content.

The truth is that whatever you do in link building hangs on one of the most important factors: Great content.

Former Google head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, said that your content should provide enough value that people want to link to it naturally. Great content is not only beneficial for link building, but also for user experience.

At the end of the day, you want to provide the best user experience to those who visit your business website.

Remember that if you build links to poor content pages, it may work in the short-term but it will definitely fall apart in the long-term.

As earlier stated, great content is one of the most important ranking signals for Google. So you should combine link building with making great content.

We make sure that the businesses we work with have great content related to their business; this content pieces will be published on their website. This makes it easy to build links to such content.

Often times when we find that a business website is filled with poor content, we can recommend writers to such businesses to help them sort out the content issues.
If you have a great infographic on your business website, this is a prime opportunity to get more backlinks to your website. People love visual content because it’s easier to process than written content. It can also explain complex concepts in a simple way.

Check competitors backlinks

Many times, when you’re looking to build links, watch your competitors. There are many reasons we study the competitors of our clients. Sometimes, we just want to know where there’s an “intersect” — maybe a domain where we both got our links.

More importantly, we can identify the domains that are linking to the competitors. A domain that has linked to one of your competitors will likely link to you, too. What if they have linked to two or more of your competitors? Even better.

We also use this to determine the authority of a referring domain. Getting links from authoritative websites usually give more link equity than a link from a small or faily new website.

There are many tools we use to achieve this. One of them is Ahrefs. It shows you the referring domains and important details like URL Rating and Domain Rating of those websites.

With this, we know the website that will be more receptive to you when you reach out to them for possible link placement on their website. website.

Do Outreach

Doing an outreach is one of the activities you can’t avoid when trying to get backlinks. And we embrace it. But we don’t just send a blind outreach emails.

We send outreach emails to the right people. Who are the right people? These are people who have linked to similar websites in the past or that type of content. These are websites whose audience needs your content.

When we send outreach for your business, we’re sending to those who already need such content. They just need a nudge from us.

Get links from Industry related websites

One fact is that Google doesn’t so much about the number of your backlinks pointing to your website as it does the quality of those links. Getting links from a leading website in your industry carries more weight than a link from an irrelevant website.

For instance, if your business deals with automobiles, getting a link from will carry more weight than say from a website about pizza.

This is one of the factors our Atlanta link building agency take into consideration when building links to your website — quality links that can withstand any change in the search algorithms.

Blogger review

Sometimes you have a product you want to market. One of the best ways to get links to that page is through reviews from other websites.

To exploit this, we look for bloggers who have done reviews for similar products in the past. These are people who are likely to do a product review for your product.

They’re also actively searching for products they can review for their audience. We’re providing a value but with an opportunity for a backlink to your website.
With your permission, we can send your product to these bloggers. After a period of time using it, they can write about your product in a review and link to your website.

Editorial mention

When an authoritative website is talking about a concept that’s similar to a post on your business website, it’s an opportunity to get a mention in this kind of posts.
Apart from getting a link, such mentions are very important because it shows you as an authority in that field.

One of the services we offer is to actively search for these opportunities to get your content the exposure it deserves.

Guest posting

Years ago, writing guest posts was the rave. It’s still important, especially on authoritative websites. Because links from these websites carry more weight than links from small websites.

Producing content for these websites also positions your business as an authority and improves your trust among your potential audience. We actively look for the best guest blogging opportunities we can find for your business.

We pay rapt attention to websites that have similar posts to your business website as you already have an ideal audience on these platforms.

Get you featured on weekly roundups

There are websites that offer weekly roundups of posts related to their business or about new happenings in their field. There are big websites that do this. Now imagine having a link from the New York Times. That’s how important it can be.

These websites are usually looking for new unique pages to link to every week. When you have new content or a unique view on a popular matter, we’ll contact the right people to make sure your content is featured.

Link reclamation

When building links, a gold mine that most people usually leave on the table is link reclamation. But our Atlanta link building service covers that. We conduct our research on your website to find broken or dead links that we can fix.

Such links are doing your website no good as people who click-through encounter an error 404 page. We identify these broken links on your website and see the ones with the highest number of links.

After doing this, we take one of two steps. We either implement a 301 permanent redirect to a relevant page on your website or reach out to webmasters of referring domains to change the URL of their links. We also inform them to use an anchor text that fits your page if they have used the wrong one.

But this is not the only opportunity for link reclamation. With a tool like Check My Links, we can identify broken links on a web page. And if these broken links are to a competitor’s website, we’ll reach out with your content that addresses a similar issue as a possible replacement.

In some cases, other websites may mention your brand name or use your infographic without linking to you. We track all these so that we can reach out to them to provide a backlink.

We hate blackhat techniques

You should note that we do not buy links from any website. Google frowns at this and may penalize a domain for doing so. This could see a domain drop in search rankings or even removed from the results totally. We don’t want that to happen to your business.

We build links for your business to reap the benefits both in the short and long-term. Buying links is a short-term strategy that may reap some benefits now but cause bigger problems later.

We also don’t link to websites that disobey Google Webmaster guidelines.

As an agency building links, we do so for businesses the way we would do it for our own website.

Is it time to work with us?

Building link is the most important activity to improve your search rankings on Google and other search engines. Even Brian Dean agrees with this. See our Atlanta link building package.

However, as important as it is, it is a difficult task as it involves many activities like creating good content, reaching out to website owners, bloggers, and influencers, doing competitors’ backlinks analysis and other activities that improve the overall user experience for your visitors.

You may be overwhelmed by all these if you have a business website and want to concentrate more on your products and brand.

This is why we work to take this burden off you. The only way to ascertain that our Atlanta SEO agency is your best bet for building high-quality backlinks is to try us out on a short-term link building project.

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