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How to Make Communication a Hit for Your SEO Strategy

Everyone knows that talking out issues is one of the easiest ways to get from point A to point B in any project. 

The same adage applies to search engine optimization (SEO). Without proper communication throughout a project, confusion arises and you could easily end up an unhappy client.

How Do Communication and SEO Go Together?

Your SEO project is a machine full of cogs that require the right lubrication to move its goals forward. When it comes to SEO success, the lubrication your project needs is expertise and positive communication.

While the team at Atlantic Digital Marketing has the experience to make your website climb its way to the top of search engine results pages, it’s up to everyone involved to ensure the right communication measures are taken to keep a project moving smoothly.

6 Ways to Use Communication to Boost Your SEO

There are several ways to use communication to put some power behind your SEO. Here are six of our best tips to use month to month during your project.

1. Understand Expectations From Both Sides

At the start of your project, it’s crucial to lay down your expectations as a client and remain open to the expectations of your SEO team.

Some expectations you should communicate include, the keywords you’d like to rank for, an estimated timeframe for your desired rankings, and who your point person is for the project.

This initial kick-off is also a great chance to express your concerns over your project and listen out for how your SEO team can help out.

Once you’ve set your expectations, let your SEO team fill you in on their process. While they will be working on your project on a month-to-month basis, it’s critical to know that SEO is a long-distance race and not a sprint.

So, expectations on timely results may not always line up. However, once they communicate why SEO success movies slowly, you’ll be able to adjust expectations to a more realistic timeline.

2. Become a Meeting Master

It’s not always fun to have planned monthly meetings, but sometimes, it’s a must for an SEO project. SEO meetings provide an outlet for you to communicate concerns, celebrate successes, and review the analytics of your project with your account manager.

Keep in mind that if you set a meeting, please bring questions. When communication falls behind, your project may come to a standstill.

3. Stay Open to Learning About SEO

You are the expert of your industry and SEO professionals are the experts in theirs. Part of your project’s success is you learning about the inner workings of SEO.

If you are open to learning about the process and letting your account managers do their job, you could find out about some new SEO tricks that could help you in the success of other websites you may have.

4. Review Monthly Progress Reports

Letting your SEO project move on its own without reviewing monthly analytics only leaves you in the dark regarding your site’s success. You want the ultimate ROI on your project, so taking some time to communicate monthly reports like organic site visits, bounce rates, and keyword rankings, is only in your best interest.

5. Stick to Your Approval Process

If you have content or web design work on your project, you’ll likely have an approval process your SEO team follows. No matter what the approval process is, it’s there because it works for your SEO team.

Following your approval process is its own form of communication that helps items get approved, up on your site, and ranking faster.

Keep Your SEO Successful With Atlantic Digital Marketing

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