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How to Use AI Content on Google Without Being Penalized

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used increasingly in creating website content and has taken the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world by storm. But can you use AI-generated content on your website without running into trouble with Google? The short answer is yes!

While in the past, Google reps like John Mueller, said AI content was against its standards, as more and more AI becomes mainstream with search engines, it’s safe to say, their tune has changed. However, there are still definitely some instances where AI will get your site flagged.

Let’s explore what’s different and what steps you need to take to ensure that your AI-generated content passes the Google standards test.

What Are Google Standards for Using AI Content?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the quality of your content is still paramount. AI or not, your content must remain valuable and honest to remain relevant. That’s always been Google’s standard and that need for integrity and quality will never fade.

No matter how you create it, content should be unique and relevant to the topic at hand. It should also provide meaningful information and value to readers.

Keep in mind that AI isn’t perfect (yet), and it can still make factual and grammatical mistakes. So, If you’re using an AI program such as GPT-3 or Grover, make sure you review their output before publishing it on your website. We’ll get into some more best practices later.

Let’s talk more about how Google looks at AI today. It is important to understand that Google does not view all AI-generated content as spammy or low quality. The company has outlined a few basic standards that must be met in order for AI-generated content to pass as valuable. Here are some of the most important ones:

Your Content Must Be Original and Unique

This means that the content generated by an AI system must be completely original and not copied from any other source. It also means that the content should not appear anywhere else on the internet. Most of these programs are word generators that will create unique content, but it’s always best to run them through a quick plagiarism checker before publication.

Content Must Add Value

The content created by an AI system should add value to a website or online article by providing new information or insights. It should not simply repeat information already known by readers.

Content Must Be Helpful

The content generated by an AI system should provide useful information or advice that can help readers make informed decisions about their lives or businesses.

Content Must Have Clear Grammar and Structure

It is important that the grammar and structure of any AI-generated content is clear so that readers can easily understand it and soak in your message. Poorly constructed sentences with incorrect grammar will likely fail Google’s standards and turn audiences onto your competition.

What Causes AI Content To Be Deemed Spammy?

If an AI-generated piece of content doesn’t meet Google’s standards, it may be deemed spammy. This could happen for several reasons, such as keyword stuffing or duplicate content. These issues are also common problems found with human-generated content used to game the system.

No matter how you cut it, publishing content with Black Hat SEO efforts will usually lead to a Google violation that could result in your site getting blacklisted.

Aside from spammy practices, if the content reads too robotically or fails to provide any real value, then it will likely be flagged as spammy by Google’s algorithms.

It is important to remember that even though the content was generated by an AI program, it still needs to read like something a human would write. How can you add some humanity to a machine? We’ll get into that process in the next section!

How Can You Make AI-Generated Content Work for You?

Anyone would love to make their jobs just a little more manageable. This is especially true for business owners that are getting into the content-creation game.

AI-generated content has the potential to help businesses create high quality, relevant pieces of content in a fraction of the time it would take most novice writers.

When used correctly, AI-generated content can also help businesses create tailored experiences for their customers. However,copying and pasting whatever an AI generator spits out isn’t the route to take.

Here are some things you can do to take the helm of your AI vehicle and steer your content toward success.

Keep it Human

Yes, AI can generate content in a matter of seconds, but even the most recent generators have an extremely robotic tone. Having human writers moderate the content and add some flesh and blood into the mix will give your content a cleaner flow and help it resonate more with your target audience.

Always Fact Check

AI may be quick, but it isn’t always right. In fact, some of the latest AI generators aren’t even pulling from sources beyond 2021. That means some of the facts you receive could be some pretty outdated information.

So, whenever a fact pops up, always check it yourself and make sure it’s as accurate as possible. The best part is, even if it’s not, you still likely have a solid lead for where to find the right information.

Stay Focused on Quality Over Quantity

With AI, it’s not a matter of if you can generate multiple articles a day, it’s should you! You always want your content to stay on target with your site’s initial message. Creating multiple pieces of content at once, just to hit your keywords may not give your site the quality touch it deserves.

Even if you use AI, we suggest using it sparingly and letting human writers create the quality flourishes that make a piece of content truly masterful.

Keep Your Content Original With Atlantic Digital Marketing

We get it! AI is the future of content generation and we’d be blind to ignore the fact that using AI-generated content on your website can be a great way to save time and create engaging content quickly and efficiently.

However, having a real human being behind your content creation gives you an even bigger shot at reaching your target audience and getting that sale or consultation.

At Atlantic Digital Marketing, we focus on helping websites like yours climb search engine charts through original content creation and SEO best practices that we always stay on top of.

Let’s create content that converts together! Schedule your free consultation today and learn more about our SEO services.