The Role of Digital Marketing in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry has departed from its notorious reluctance when it comes to emerging technologies, becoming a trendsetter for innovation. And this switch has definitely been influenced by the increasingly popular role the internet now plays in car related decisions.

People can now do research online to find information about vehicles, dealerships, parts suppliers and service centers. Not only that, industry professionals can also do their own research on what buyers are looking for.

An example of the internet’s influence on buyers is Google Think Insights’ research study on “what drivers want in automotive aftermarket service” in the digital age, which found that there are 70 million aftermarket service searches done a month and explained the number of potential customers that translates to for businesses. If you own an aftermarket automotive business and aren’t participating in digital marketing, think of all the potential buyers you’re missing out on.

Regardless of whether your automotive brand or business is actively making an online footprint, one is being made for you. Between automotive websites and review sites, your name is out there and it’s better to be the one in the driver’s seat, leading the discussion, don’t you think?

The best part about the internet is that you don’t need the marketing budget of businesses like Ford or Audi, there are great digital marketing tools that are easy to use and will take your online presence to a new level.

Social Media

If you are reluctant to get a social media page for your business, think again. It only takes a second for someone to like a page on Facebook or Twitter  and it’s a great way to reach out to your customers with special deals and new products. For instance, you can peak customers’ interests by advertising daily deals or coupon codes available only by going to your Facebook or Twitter page. Facebook has even added page insights, hashtags, places and more so you can monitor your page traffic and increase it with hashtag categories and check-ins.

Google Think Insights

With abundant resources like research studies and articles, Google Think Insights is useful for industry professionals who want to get to know their audience better. Their case studies, articles and tips will help your business grow and maximize your analytics and advertisements.


This is a service that helps you create  more efficient SEO content by targeting keywords and increasing organic traffic. It not only allows your site to sustain long-term growth, but you can also create online content that speaks to your brand directly.


MIXRANK is a tool that allows you to find out where your competition is advertising and where their traffic comes from. This way, you not only know how your competitors are branding themselves, but also potential advertising opportunities that will come with increased traffic and new customers.

These are just four ideas of millions floating around the internet. It doesn’t take much time or money to use these simple online tools and you will see the results in no time. All you have to do is give it a shot.

What do you think? Are there any digital marketing tools that you find helpful for your automotive business?


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