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What Are the Ins and Outs of Enterprise SEO?

When you’re trying to improve your search engine rankings, one of the terms you may hear bandied about is enterprise SEO. Referring to search engine optimization across an entire business, enterprise SEO has some of its own rules and guidelines. Here’s a quick look at some of the overarching factors involved when you’re setting up an enterprise SEO strategy.

The Ins and Outs of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO has very little to do with the size of your company as much as the size of your website. There are four specific areas to keep in mind, especially if you think that your website will grow to a significant size as time rolls on.

  1. Smart Keyword Use: As you get further into your categories, you should continue using keywords that help not only reach that specific product or service, but that will lead consumers down a specific path to that page. To accomplish this, you’ll want to look for long-tail keywords that are highly relative to your products and services. These keywords should be reflected in your page title tags.
  2. Rules for Site Automation: By being organized in your keywords, you can create better automation for the creation of new pages, making the process much easier than it would be otherwise. This allows you to take advantage of some of the webpage automation tools, because you can set up the basic rules once and let the software create titles, tags and similar SEO-friendly content.
  3. Optimized Page Templates: Let’s face it – every webpage on a good website has some degree of similarity. The banner, the bottom content, the background: by having all of this information available in a template, it becomes much easier to continue growing your website effectively and efficiently, including the tags you want to be indexed.
  4. Exceptional Content Quality: If you have the largest, most otherwise SEO-perfect website and your content is of poor quality, why bother? You need to make sure that the information going into your website is of the highest possible quality. Take the time to double-check your website content.

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By taking these considerations in mind when you’re working out your overall enterprise SEO strategy, you can make the most of your efforts to improve your business’ search engine rankings. But what if you’re not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why the Atlanta SEO Company is here for you. Please feel free to reach out today to discover where your business can go.