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Level Up Your Marketing with a Digital Marketing Company

If you’re still on the fence about using a digital marketing company, it’s time to level up. There are just too many benefits when using a digital marketing company to ignore. Here’s a list of advantages to partnering with a digital marketing company.

Stay in the Loop with the Current Trends

Things change fast online, and it’s important that you know what’s happening. There are new strategies in marketing, search engine algorithm updates, and new interests that are constantly emerging. It’s impossible to keep on top of it all unless you’re an expert in the industry. There are also so many different keys to success when it comes to digital marketing. There’s SEO, PPC, video, content, email marketing, social media platforms, and more. If you don’t know the latest trends in digital marketing and which tactics are a good fit for your goals, you risk missing opportunities or burning the marketing budget with little return on investment. That can create an advantage for your competition. A digital marketing company should serve as your trusted advisor to ensure every marketing dollar is put to work in reaching your business goals. They are the experts who know the latest trends and strategies that meet the needs of your business. A digital marketing company will inform you about the latest trends and the newest marketing strategies to implement.

Accountability and Reliability

When you choose a digital marketing company, you should expect reliability and accountability. Reliability means your digital marketing company will keep in contact with you and explain your numbers and performance. They let you know what’s happening with your digital marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. You should receive regular metrics and reports with meaningful data. They are responsible for your campaign performance. 

An Extension of Your Internal Marketing Team

With a digital marketing company, you get an extension of your own internal marketing team. This extension works well for small, medium, and large businesses. Many small to mid-zed businesses are unable to hire specialists in each of the core areas of digital marketing. It’s just not practical nor sustainable. When you hire a digital marketing company, all of those specialists are now on your team, and typically the cost is far less than the payroll to hire those specialists directly. .

The Focus Stays on Growth

Having a digital marketing company as your partner allows you to focus on running your business. It takes a burden off of you and your team when you know you have a specialist taking care of all your digital marketing needs. This enables you to focus on the core operations of your business. 

Advanced Insights from State of the Art Tools

You get advanced insights and cutting edge tools when partnering with digital marketing company. Digital marketing companies use advanced tools for metrics and performance on the internet. These tools are expensive, and when you hire a digital marketing company, you don’t have to pay for them yourself. You’re going to need a variety of tools including tools for reputation management, tools for social media posts, SEO, Google Ads, and more. All of these tools are important when it comes to digital marketing success and the costs add up quickly.

An Objective Perspective

Whether you just started your business or have been running it for years, an objective perspective can lead to incredible business growth. The right digital marketing partner will provide business insights and guidance that go beyond the execution of digital marketing campaigns. The partner you choose may have worked with many similar businesses in the past and overcome many of the challenges you are facing now. 


Finding the Right Digital Marketing Company

When looking for the right digital marketing company, you need to consider expertise, experience, reliability, and communication. Atlantic Digital Marketing Company ranks high in all of these categories. They have been in the industry for years and have an unparalleled reputation for excellence. Plus, they have a team of certified experts. You get 24/7 access to their teams. Atlantic Digital Marketing Company stays in close contact with all partners through dedicated teams.

Atlantic Digital Marketing Company offers SEO services, PPC services, website creation services, reputation management services, social media marketing, remarketing services, and more. The Atlantic team will create a custom strategy to suit your needs and goals. The process involves in-depth research to learn about the habits, behavior, and interest of your target audience. This helps you connect with your target audience and convert them into customers. 

The best way to improve your digital marketing results is to hire a strategic digital marketing company. That also happens to be a cost-effective solution. If you’re seeking to create an edge over the competition, turn to the digital marketing experts at the Atlantic Digital Marketing Company. Request a no-cost assessment now.

SEO Basics: Local SEO for Multiple Locations

A recent article on HubSpot shared a few statistics about local SEO.

  • 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.
  • 50% of consumers visit a store within a day of performing a local search on their smartphone.

Those are interesting statistics. It shows that while people look for and research products online, they will then go the physical store itself to purchase what they want.  This sharply illustrates how important it is for every store in a city to have a fully-optimized and easy-to-find website.

The final two stats we’ll share are these:

  • 50% of local-mobile searchers want to know specific business information such as its opening and closing hours.
  • 71% of local-mobile users look up and confirm the business’s location before they visit it for the first time.

In order to reach every potential customer you can, it’s essential to have a website that can be found during local search, so that your customers can check everything from the basics of your address and when you’re open, to finding out what types of products you offer and read descriptions of them – and reviews.

But what if you have stores in different areas of the same city, or out in the suburbs of that city? How can you perform local SEO for multiple locations, to ensure that your site ranks in multiple cities?

We’ll share a few tips with you below. Ranking through multi-location SEO requires that your website be designed to showcase each of your different locations.

Multi-page Websites Are Essential for Multi-Location SEO

As shown in the bullet points above, most users “on the go” use their smart phones to find stores that carry what they want, and to find out where they are located and when they open or close. So, most websites these days are designed to be smartphone friendly – meaning everything is on a single page and the user simply has to scroll down from screen to screen on their phone.

But having only a single page website makes that site very difficult to rank for keywords, so it’s better to have a multi-page site, each page ranked for different keywords.

So, if you have a couple of restaurants, one in Downtown City by the Bay and the other in Lower City by the Bay, you should create a page for each restaurant, with the appropriate information as to location, where to park, what’s nearby and so on. Even if the menu is the same at each restaurant, your longtail keywords will differ – “best ribs in Downtown City by the Bay” will result in the Downtown location being returned first in the search engine results, whereas “best barbecue chicken in Lower City by the Bay” will bring up the page for your other location.

Note that creating separate pages on your main site is better than creating a separate website entirely for each location. By keeping everything to one site, you increase the power of your backlinks since you don’t have to duplicate your SEO for multiple locations efforts.

Add a Google Map to Each Location Page

 In its never-ending effort to remain the top, number #1 search engine in the world, Google offers many free webmaster tools for use by businesses large and small. Using their tools will help build your site’s ranking on Google. This includes placing a Google Map for each location on the appropriate page of your site.

 Seek out Local Directories

Most cities will have local directories not only for the city as a whole, but also for its neighborhoods and suburbs. By placing a listing for each of your locations in the appropriate local directories, you’ll build backlinks back to your site and also provide your potential customers with the information they need to find you.

Many directories have a feature enabling the owner of the store/restaurant featured to “claim” their listing and add additional information to it. When adding or correcting information to local directories, be sure that each listing has the correct NAP – name, address and phone number for leach location.

Provide Quality Content on Each Page

The better your website is at providing valuable information for your potential customers or clients, the better it will be ranked by Google. Google’s searchbot actually has the capability of grading a site’s content according to its own criteria.

By combining all these elements in a systematic fashion, local SEO for multiple locations delivers the results every business wants – more opportunities to drive more customers to your business and give a positive impact to your bottom line.

E-commerce 101: What You Need to Know

E-commerce SEO, sometimes called Shop SEO, is a specialized form of SEO that deals specifically with online storefronts (or shops).

Why Optimize for E-commerce Sites?

Currently, E-commerce has a 10% market share of retail sales in the United States, but this market is expected to increase every year. Amazon is currently the industry leader, followed by such big box stores as Target and Walmart that have embraced the online storefront as well.

Competition in the E-commerce realm is therefore fierce, which makes top quality E-commerce SEO essential. While much of the SEO that can be implemented for E-commerce sites is the same as for any other type of site, there are many essential requirements Google has put in place specifically for this niche.

Let’s talk about a few of these elements.

  1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO, an element of on-page SEO, refers to optimizing the coding of a website, rather than its content. Poor coding will impact the site’s rankings.

Take site speed, for one example.  According to research, most people will “bounce” from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load on their device. If that’s not bad enough, Google’s web crawlers can detect how long a page takes to load, and will penalize it if it takes too long. This is a special problem for E-commerce sites, which tend to be very image heavy. Images should be resized before being uploaded to the site.

Another essential element for E-commerce sites is that every page be secure, so a security certificate should be purchased (designated by https://, rather than http://, in the URL). Not only is this safer for the businesses’ customers, but Google penalizes sites that don’t have such security in place.


  1. On Page SEO/ Blog

On page SEO – focusing on quality content – is especially important for E-commerce sites. Typically, the only text an E-commerce site has on its category pages is captions for each product photo. That’s why it’s important for each photo to be optimized via its name, alt text and description. No opportunity should be lost to place keywords on each page. If possible, clicking on a photo on the category page should take the user to a specific page for that product, where keyword-rich text describing the product can be used.

Search engines also reward fresh content. An integrated blog on a site, with regular, keyword-rich entries, provides the content that search engines like, but also helps build brand loyalty with customers who will appreciate the entries.


  1. Keywords Research and Implementation

Long-tailed keywords are essential for E-commerce SEO success. For example, a car enthusiast who needs new items for his or her classic car will not do a search on “car rims.” It is far more likely that they will search for “black rims for muscle cars,” or “chrome Mustang emblems” or “1954 Chevy quarter panel.” People who do a search on exactly what they want, which is why they use such long phrases, are far more likely to convert from a visitor to a purchaser on their first visit.

Choosing the right keywords is extremely important when the E-commerce site is in a very competitive niche. That’s why researching one’s competitor’s keywords is a good idea. Keywords must be relevant to the business. It does no good to “trick” someone to come to an E-commerce site by following a specific keyword, only to find that the site is not what they thought it would be.

By paying attention to these three elements, E-commerce SEO helps ensure that sites are rewarded by search engines with high rankings, and by converting visitors to customers.

Search Engine Optimization Is Not Dead, But Evolving

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique for creating a page so that it appears near the top of search engine results. Many “experts” are again saying it is dead, which is what they’ve been saying for many years. And yet, there’s no question that pages with good SEO rank higher in results than those that don’t.

SEO is Evolving

It’s more accurate to say that SEO is evolving to meet the increasing sophistication of search engines. Some parts of it are no longer useful while others as still necessary. In the past, less-than-ideal Google algorithms allowed such dubious techniques as keyword stuffing or spamming to raise a website’s rankings. Those techniques will no longer work, especially if the web content is of low quality. But proper use of keywords is vital to giving good content an edge.

Search engines are now able to process real speech patterns. Many people are switching to voice commands when formulating search queries. So SEO processes must incorporate real speech patterns into their keywords. Another good practice for SEO is the use of an XML site map. This allows a site to communicate constantly with search engines as to what content it contains and makes it easier for users to find the information they need.

The use of mobile devices for searching, particularly by using voice, is far more prevalent now than in the past. Websites now require a mobile-friendly version if they want to appear in searches on tablets and phones. One difference between mobile pages and that for the desktop is that the former must load quickly if they want to rank higher in results.

Staying power is important. Search rankings are higher for sites with the most traffic, which can only be acquired over time. According to Ahref, sites don’t typically reach the top 10 of search results until they’ve been around an average of two years, regardless of how sophisticated its SEO techniques are. The longer a site has been around, the more authority is attached to its content, and the higher its value to the searcher.

Changing content is also necessary for higher rankings because it indicates that the site is evolving to meet user needs. Updating content not only with new information but the latest SEO techniques can invigorate its search rankings.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore SEO

This is a lot of information to take in about why SEO is important to your site and it only scratches the surface. But don’t worry if you don’t understand it thoroughly. Because we do. And we can raise your site’s rankings by combining the latest SEO and content strategies. Contact us today to get started.